The Institute of Mineralogy and Geology is the modern successor of the oldest department of the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya (18th century), the College of Sopron (20th century) at University of Miskolc.  It is active in teaching, research and promotion of mineral resources, geological phenomena and processes. Its two chairs work in wide spectrum from petroleum geology through geochemistry to pedology, from remote sensing through mineralogical and petrological laboratory analysis to economic assessment of mineral resources. Its three main focus areas are mineral resource exploration techniques, applied mineralogy, and environmental geology. In several areas we have strong industrial partnerships, e.g. in the geology of ores, non-metallics, and environmental processes.


Published on Monday, 16 November 2020

Institute of Mineralogy and Geology of the University of Miskolc, Hungary – in cooperation with world-class experts – has organized on 12-13 November an online DigiEduHack challenge under the title: Solution for a virtual geological exploration field trip or short internship. The task for the participating teams, accepting the challenge was to work out the concept and methodological and technical details of a virtual geological field trip, supported by different digital applications covering data acquisition and processing as well as 3D presentation and visualization.

Six teams from four continents have accepted the challenge and participated in the online program. The African continent was represented by the team under the name „Vision Team” of three Egyptian Ph.D. students studying at the Mikoviny Sámuel Earth Science Doctoral School as Stipendium Hungaricum and Young Christian scholars. The presentation of the Vision Team can be reached at the https://drive.google.com/file/d/15jsI_D0q2NhoI7L9JBsQgnURabOoDMaa/view site.

The challenge was mentored by world-class experts in the application of digital solutions: exploration geologist Krisztián Szentpéteri and 3D data management expert Hilco van Moekerk. The final presentation of the teams joined challenge-takers and experts – mentors and jury – from five continents: a team of the University of Oxford, Dnipro Technical University and Moscow State Geological Exploration University from Europe, a team of Egyptian Ph.D. students studying at the University of Miskolc from Africa, a team of Kazakh geologists from Almaty and Miskolc and two members of the Utazók team from Asia and one member of the Utazók team from South America. Australia was represented by a member of the jury.

The jury has pointed out that the solution of each team has valuable and innovative solutions that can be implemented in earth science education in the future. The winner was the team of the University of Oxford, second prize was won by the team „Nautilus” of the Dnipro Technical University. The site of the challenge can be reached at https://digieduhack.com/en/miskolc-solutions-for-a-virtual-geological-exploration-field-trip-or-short-internship

Congrats to all participating teams!

The challenge was supported by the EIT RawMaterials, funded by the EIT, a body of the European Union.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Published on Friday, 20 December 2019

1st REEBAUX workshop, Croatia

Published on Thursday, 24 October 2019

The 1st REEBAUX workshop was held on 14-15. October 2019. in Croatia, Dalmatia. The participants heard 10 lectures and visited 4 outcrops/abandoned mines: Vrace, Cetina river spring, Tosici-Dujici, Mamutovac.
From the Institute of Mineralogy and Geology 2 professor/researcher and 3 students participated on the workshop.

1st International Student Conference on Geochemistry and Minderal Deposit

Published on Tuesday, 19 November 2019

1st Intenrnational Student Conference on Geochemistry and Mineral Deposit was held on 8-9 November 2019 in Prague, Checz Republik. Four students from our institute (Lívia Majoros, Richárd Zoltán Papp, Medet Junossov, Lidbert Alarcón Laime) had presentation during the Conference.

10th Assembly of Petrology and Geochemistry

Published on Thursday, 12 September 2019

The 10th Assembly of Petrology and Geochemistry was held in Mátraháza on 5-7. September 2019, where the Hungarian scientists presented their works. Csilla Balassi (MSc Student of University of Miskolc) was participant with her work "Rare-elements enrichment in minerals from the Bükk Mts.: occurrence in sedimentary rocks". Csilla won one of the Special award of the jury! Congratulations for her and her co-workers (Ferenc Kristály, Ferenc Móricz, Norbert Németh)!


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